Saturday, July 14, 2012

UMC health care coverage for mental illness

This one seems to have gotten in under the radar in the furor of GC: UMC health care coverage for people with mental illness extends only for two years, after which benefits cease. 

Rationale? It is very likely financial. Never mind that we spent almost 9 million dollars at a GC where we seem to have accomplished almost nothing (besides cutting health care benefits to people with mental illness). 

This must have gone through on the consent calendar, but it's still pretty stunning. 


  1. Yes, I also believe it was all about money. It was a terrible decision and it did go through on the consent calendar.

  2. I'm curious about this -- can you give me the reference number to the GC action so I can read the detail? It seems a bit odd since health insurance is provided by conferences, not by the General Conference. Maybe there's more than meets the eye! Jack Day, Baltimore-Washington Conference.

  3. Yet, to date, nobody from the "governing" body of the UMC has given any justification as to the reasoning behind this policy change. Speaking as one whose life will be drastically impacted by this change, I not only feel abandonded, I will be abandonded. This policy is wrong; personally, politically, socially and spiritually. "What would Jesus do? Well, He sure wouldn't have done that!"

  4. Why the sudden change in the policy. I think people should think this through first before they implement it.

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